EMS-Trac is a web-based asset tracking program designed to track equipment, supplies and medications provided to the ambulance or fire crew.  It can track both items and equipment assigned for each shift, as well as those permanently assigned to any employee.  This information is managed and accessible using most web-enabled devices, ensuring current, useful data.   It can track:

      ·    Paramedic Supplies (Narcotics, night kits)
    Equipment (radios, phones)
    Uniforms and beepers
    Rescue Tools
    Anything that can be bar coded

With EMS-Trac, the program will collect data at point of issue (Check-Out) for any equipment or supplies (including narcotics) at the beginning of each shift. This information would include the employee to which the product is to be assigned, date and time of issuance and the Truck he is driving.  At shift’s end, the items would be “Check-In” or returned to the supply area until needed again.  To facilitate this Tracing, one utilizes barcodes and barcode scanners to enter the issuance and item return.  In addition, the program also tracks any permanently assigned items for each employee.  The program is web-based which allows flexibility for tracking each item and allows reviewing by management from any web enabled computer.  

 How it Works

 In the storeroom or check-out station, there would be a web-enabled computer.  As items are issued (Checked Out), the EMS’ employee ID is entered along with his assigned truck.  Next, an identifying number which has previously been assigned to each piece of equipment or med is entered.  At shift end, the same process is repeated but the items are marked as being Checked In. 

 To facilitate entering this info, we propose using barcodes and barcode scanners.  Each employee ID number could be printed in a barcode format, added to the employee’s ID card and those barcodes could be scanned or the employee name could be selected from a pull down list.  For equipment, permanent barcode labels could be attached to each item and those barcode numbers would be associated with the equipment within the program.  For narcotics or other supplies, a barcode label could be printed and attached to the kit.  At Check-Out, the barcodes could be scanned to speed data capture and reduce chances of errors. 


There will be many audit and management reports available. Being web based, management can review the data from any internet connected computer.  At any time, authorized users will be able to:

  1. Look at any equipment item or product and see which truck and employee had it in his possession for any date and time.  Great for legal or recall evaluations.

  2. For any employee, see what equipment he was issued for any shift and when it was returned.

  3. For any truck, see what equipment was being used on that truck at any time.

  4. Monitor all equipment assigned to each employee, such as uniforms and cell phones.


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